Laser Applique

W.S. Emerson’s laser appliqué machines create a textured, 3-D appearance to any garment.  Most often used for high-end collegiate wear, laser applique applies layers of fabric on the garment. The new layers are sewn on and then a laser cuts with computer-controlled precision.  This creates a professional multi-colored, layered design.
Browse through our gallery below to see the different types of fabrics and finishes available.  If you want a high-end product that will last and become a favorite item, laser applique may be right for your project!


Laser appliqué is great for high color contrast designs.  It is most popular with names of teams or schools.  We can quickly re-create an image, or create a text design by matching fonts or starting from scratch.


Bulk discounts are available!  Our low wholesale pricing allows for re-sale mark-ups.  Submit your price quote and get a rate today!